Hendrickson Hosts Spartan Ride & Drive Event

Hendrickson recently hosted a Spartan Ride & Drive event at the Nassau County Fire Academy and at the Coram Fire Department. Attendees were given the opportunity to experience first hand the new Spartan Airbag Protection System and discuss its features with attending Spartan Management. Attendees were able to drive the new Spartan RXO concept vehicle and give feedback to Spartan Management before the final design and production, which will begin in 2013. Centereach F.D.'s new Spartan Pumper, North Bellmore F.D.'s Spartan Pumper and Coram F.D.'s Spartan Aerial were also present to showcase the (illegible) and (illegible) of Spartan Emergency Response Vehicles.

To learn more about Spartan Emergency Response Vehicle products, please visit www.SpartanERV.com